The twin falls is a force of nature that is both beautiful and brutal. White sheets of water cascading and tumbling through the ripples above. Becoming nearer, one can hear the crashes of strong streams colliding with rocks in all directions. 

This waterfall is located approximately 1 mile up the Privacion River. Belize is the second smallest country in Central America. We have a system in place that whenever 2 river meets, the name changes. For instance, the West Macal River and the Privacion River comes together, their name changes to the Macal River. 

Belize has over 35 rivers and its know as a fresh water fountain in Central America.The geological structure of the Twin falls that you can see is amazing. High above the hills, you can glimpse the limestone cliffs and sedimentary rocks that follow directly after. 

This area gives an uplifting feeling, with 2 waterfalls flowing down one giant granite rock formation. While enjoying the scenery, mount a man made rope swing that sways from a tree and into the lake. Or feeling a bit braver? Jump of a section on the rock formation between the waterfalls 

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